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☆Please report any broken links to alicenineworld@yahoo.com.sg.
☆Server used to upload these files are mediafire and megaupload.
☆Screen caps are all from me. Remeber to credits me if you were to take any. Thanks!
☆I've uploaded a few stuffs at my journal. Click HERE to enter.
☆Use HJSplit to join up splited files.

  • Please do not request for Gradation PV. The only person who ripped this PV doesn't allows anyone to repost it at anywhere else. But you can download it HERE. Join the community in order to see the post.

  • Don't ask me to reupload anything to Mediafire if any of the MF links die! MF loves deleting my files and never let me reuploads them again. That's why i hate MF so much!