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*Alphabetical Order
--alice nine. at Shibuya AX
--BARKS+PLUS 2007 spring(Shou and Saga Photoshoot)
--BARKS Christmas comment
--BARKS Interview November 2007 (Credit to rainbowbetty)
--BARKS January 2006 Comment
--BARKS June 2007 Comment
--BARKS October 2007 Comment
--BARKS New Year Comment(2008.01.01)
--BARKS November 2007 Comment
--Bent Web Comment 2007.12.10
--CDdata Comment (2007.11.13)
--Hotwave special comment
--Live Door Comment
--musiQ vol.7
--New Year's Comment
--Royal Straight Kingdom Member Message
--Sc24 Shou & Hiroto comment(2007.12.21)
--Sc24 Shou Comment
--Sc24 Hiroto Comment
--Sc24 Tora Comment
--Sc24 Saga Comment
--Sc24 Nao Comment
--Shou & Hiroto comment on 2007.06.20
--So-net Comment
--Visual Shock 1
--Visual Shock 2
--Visual Shock 3
--Visual Shock 4
--V Style Move
--Zekkeishoku Comment
--Zekkeishoku Photoshoot
--Zy excite comment
--Zy 30 PhotoShoot
--Zy 33 Photoshoot
--Zy 34 Comments+PhotoShoot
--Zy 34 Shou Comment
--Zy 34 Hiroto Comment
--Zy 34 Tora Comment
--Zy 34 Saga Comment
--Zy 34 Nao Comment
--Zy 36 Photoshoot
--Zy 36 Comments+Photoshoot
--Zy 36 Shou Comment
--Zy 36 Hiroto Comment
--Zy 36 Tora Comment
--Zy 36 Saga Comment
--Zy 36 Nao Comment